The Rescue Dogs and their Jumping Masters

Though it sounds very simple, but adopting a rescue dog is certainly not an easy thing to do. It indeed demands a lot of caring, love and affection, which has to come from within rather than just showing it from outside. There are times when after the adoption the masters …

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The Perfect Way of Wearing Pants for Dogs

For all those people, who had this biggest query in their minds about how should the dogs wear their pants, here is a perfect solution. A group of Canadian scientists have finally introduced the Muddy Mutt Dog pants, which will cover all four legs of your dog. It comes with …

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How Animals Adapt to Their New Houses

If you are asked to stay with a stranger in your house, you might get a bit tensed because of several issues. Your compatibility might not match with each other and your habits might also cross each time. Basically, it is not so easy for humans to adapt from one …

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